Flower of Peace Flourishing in the City

Art and culture can cultivate fruitful and joyful life. Art and cultural exchanges bringing down national borders, races and age differences, connecting human hearts, improving human mutual understanding, opening up flowers of friendship and spreading the fragrance of peace.

Bauhenia Fife and Drum Corps visited Chao Shan Soka Friendship Primary School
2008 Olympic Torch Relay Opening Ceremony(Golden Eagle Gymnastic Team)
Soka Gakkai International of Hong Kong was founded in Hong Kong for almost 50 years. Over the years, we have hold various kinds of cultural activities; such as culture festival, exhibition, cultural seminar, and many others. Groups within the Cultural Headquarters were invited to numerous large-scale performances, like Celebration of Hong Kong’s Repatriation to China, National Day Commemorations, and social community activities. These include 1986 Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Hong Kong; 1989 Prince Charles’ visit to Hong Kong; 1997 Hong Kong’s Repatriation to China, 2007 Tenth Anniversary of Hong Kong’s Repatriation to China; 2008 Olympic Torch Relay Opening Ceremony. Besides, they have visited and performed numerous times at primary schools in Mainland China.