Cultural Headquarters

Soka Gakkai has been actively promoting cultural activities. In 1992, HKSGI gathered all the cultural teams together and formed the “Cultural Headquarters”. Though members are non-professional, through day-to-day serious training, their performances are widely recognized. Over the past 30 years, they were invited to perform by Hong Kong Government, Hong Kong Tourism Board and local social organizations for more than 130 times.

Below is the brief introduction for individual teams of “Cultural Headquarters”

Bauhinia Fife-and-Drum Corps

Founded in 1965 and named in 1983. It consists of the main corps, colour guard, twirler and pompom. The “Angels of Peace” are always invited by the society, that impressed the audience very much.

Bauhinia Fife-and-Drum Corps

Galaxy Choir

Founded in 1973,and named in 1974. Through nurturing the interest in singing and improving singing techniques, team members have become tough young women filled with self confidence and they propagate the message of peace and culture with their singing.

White Orchid Choir

Founded in 1973, and named in 1983. They are a group of women with deep interests in singing. In 1984, they had participated in the Third Soka Culture Choir Competition organized by Seikyo Shimbun Japan and won the “Elegant Award”.

Rainbow Dance Group

Founded in 1974 and named in 1983. Group members focus in learning Chinese classical and ethnic minority group dances. Their elegant dances deeply attract audience. To further enhance their skills, they have also exchange with dancing groups and schools in Hong Kong and Mainland.

Cosmos Brass Band

Founded in 1978 and named in 1983. It is formed by a group of young men, made up of brass and wood-wind instruments; upholding the spirit of “striving oneself with the highest seeking spirit”, playing the melody of hope and courage, manifesting the spirit of “Bodhisattva Wonderful Sound.”

“E.E.” Choir (Emerging from the Earth)

Founded in 1979 and named in 1983. Formed by members of the Men’s Division. Despite of their busy work, with their strong faith and determination, they absorb art of singing diligently in every practice, and demonstrate their excellent techniques in each and every performance.

Golden Ray Choir

Founded in 1981 and named in 1983. All the young men within the choir love singing. Through the arduous practice, they polish up their technique in every performance, they manifest the mission of Bodhisattva Wonderful Sound and strive for kosen-rufu..

Golden Eagle Gymnastic Team

Founded in 1981 and named in 1983. It is formed by a group of energetic young men. In each performance, they touch the audiences with highly challenging motions and movements and they are highly recognized by the society.

Costume Group

Founded in 1983. It is composed of three teams - costume, make up and props.
They are the heroes behind the scene for the Cultural Headquarters, exerting their utmost to brighten up every performance.

Happy Choir Group

Established in 1983 and named in 1991. It is a group of future pillars with their academic classes ranging from P2 to P6. They practice and study together twice a month, spreading happiness to every corner around the world with their singing.

Artistes Group

Established in 1992. Members of this group are talents from singing, dancing, drama, backstage of various art field. They promote Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism through their contributions.

Chinese Orchestra

Established in 1994. Team members practice together twice a month. Besides practice diligently, they also hope to spread the quintessence of Chinese culture. This makes them a unique team within the Cultural Headquarters.