Hope Primary Schools

In 1999, Student Division of HKSGI initiated fundraising campaign in support of ‘Project Hope’. On 8th October of that year, they donated the HK$500,000.00 they raised to Liu Jia Village PaiTan Town Zeng Cheng City for the reconstruction of a primary school. The reconstructed school was named ‘Chaoshan Soka Goodwill Elementary School’.

Fang Zhao-ling Soka Elementary School and Xuan-tang Soka Elementary School were completed in Guangdong in January 2001 and July 2003 respectively. In support of HKSGI’s efforts of financing the education projects in deprived (poverty-stricken) areas of China, Dr Fang Zhao-ling and Professor Jao Tsung-i have auctioned some of their paintings and calligraphy works exhibited in HKSGI and donated the proceedings to the construction of these schools.