HKSGI has been organizing free cultural seminars since 1993. Speakers are renowned figures ranging from cultural, performing arts and entertainment, and academic fields, speakers including Mr. Zha Liangyong、Professor Liu Zaifu;Polar adventurer and research expert - Dr. Rebecca Lee;Hong Kong’s renowned ‘war correspondent’ Suzanna Cheung Chuiyung;Dunhuang Academy China, Prof. Ho Shih-che;The University of Hong Kong vice-chancellor, Prof. CheukFan Lee, and many others. Contents range from environmental protection education, culture and arts, the origin of Buddhism, etc.

Below listed the cultural seminars organized by HKSGI in recent years

2009-04 Professor Lawrence J. Lau – Impact of Financial Crisis on Economies of China and Hong Kong
2009-02 Mr. Liu Wei Zhong – Reform, Opening up and Social Changes of China
2008-10 Mr. Tang Hoi Chiu – Heritage of Culture – Positioning of HK and Museum of Art
2008-04 Professor Lee Cheuk Fan –“Science and Buddhism”
Chancellor Cheng Biao – “Kejia Culture”
2007-10 Prof. Shuai Min Feng - “Comparison between Japan and China Arts and Culture”
2007-09 Mr. Wong Lun Cheong - “Planting Good Causes ? Or Bad Causes ?”
2007-05 Dr. Chan Man Hon – “Grown up and Growing up – the Role of a Mother”
2006-12 Mr. Zhang Jian Bo - Media
2006-11 Dr. Kawada Youichi “Can Destiny be Changed?”
2006-05 Mr. Kwong Ngai – “My 50 years in Performing Industry”
2005-10 Ms. Suzanna Cheung Chuiyung – “Discussing the Path of Peace from Culture, Economics and Education Perspectives”
2005-10 Mr. Yang Ruisheng – “Couplet is fun”
2005-04 Ms. Chow Mimi – “Happiness and Joy of Reading”
2004-09 Mr. Wong Bing Gan – “Friendship of Bing Xin and Mr. Ikeda”
2004-08 Dr. Rebecca Lee – “The Three Poles Declaration and Us”
2004-05 Dr. Sun LiChuan - “Daisaku Ikeda and Sino-Japanese Culture and Education”
Mr. Cen Yifei – Daisaku Ikeda’s Peace Philosophy and World Status Quo
Prof. Cai Delin – Sino-Japanese Friendship and “Ikeda Proposal”
2004-04 Ms. Mabel Mak – Green Wisdom
2003-08 Mr. Yoshida Minoru – The Courageous Proposal
2002-05 Prof. Li Zehou – Let’s Talk about Art
2002-03 Prof. Cai Delin – “ The Historial Monument – Looking back Mr. Ikeda’s Contribution to Actualize Normalization of Sino-Japanese relationship”
2001-09 Mr. Cen Yifei – “Human and Nature”
2001-07 Prof. Liang Guiquan – History and Choice of Guangdong Province Modernization
2001-06 Prof. Cheng Yat Shu – My First Investigation of Soka Pedagogy
2001-03 Dr. Rebecca Li – North South Poles and Us
2000-10 Prof. Liu ZaiFu – Enlightenment in 20th Century China Three Great Cultural Awareness
2000-05 Mr. Liu Ousheng - Research in Shi Wan china
2000-04 Dr. Sun Lichuan - Dialogue with a Century of Chinese Literature — Daisaku Ikeda and LuXun, Bajin and Jinrong
1999-10 Prof. Ho Shihche - DunHuang and Lotus Sutra
1999-09 Dr. Luk Chiu Hong Guan - Prime Education and Growth
1999-03 Prof. Chang ZongHao - Chinese Art and Humanism
1998-11 Chancellor Hou ZiXin - Premier Zhou EnLai and NanKai University
1998-09 Mr. Tan Baoshuo - Dong Xiao and Life
1998-08 Prof. Cai Delin - Significance of Religious Culture and Oriental Religious Reformation in 20th Century
1998-01 Dr. Fang Zaoling - Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition
1997-09 Dr. Zha Liangyong - Discussion on Chinese Culture and Religion
1997-04 Prof. Jiang ZhongXin - 21st century and Lotus Sutra
1996-09 Prof. Su DongTian - 21st Century and Buddhism – Mr. Ikeda’s Buddhist Philosophy and 21st Century Literature
1996-04 Dr. Chow Siu Cheung - It’s Never Too Late and the Green Living
1995-09 Dr. Leung Ting Pong - City Life and Cultural Arts
1995-04 Mr. Wai Gei-Shun - Discussion in “Religious Role in the Changing Society”
1994-09 Mr. Lin JianTong - Sino-Japan Art and Cultural Exchange
1994-04 Prof. Chen Charnie - Physology, Health and Family Perceptions
1993-11 Chancellor S.S. Hsueh - Contemporary Society and Culture