Main Themes of the Proposals

2009: Toward Humanitarian Competition: A New Current in History
2008: Humanizing Religion, Creating Peace
2007: Restoring the Human Connection: The First Step to Global Peace
2006: A New Era of the People: Forging a Global Network of Robust Individuals
2005: Toward a New Era of Dialogue: Humanism Explored
2004: Inner Transformation: Creating a Global Groundswell for Peace
2003: A Global Ethic of Coexistence: Toward a “Life-Sized” Paradigm for Our Age
2002: The Humanism of the Middle Way: Dawn of a Global Civilization
2001: Creating and Sustaining a Century of Life: Challenges for a New Era
2000: Peace through Dialogue: A Time to Talk –Thoughts on a Culture of Peace –
1999: Toward a Culture of Peace: A Cosmic View
1998: Humanity and the New Millennium: From Chaos to Cosmos
1997: New Horizon of a Global Civilization
1996: The Challenges of Global Citizenship
1995: A Buddhist Perspective for the 21st Century
1994: Light of the Global; Spirit: A New Dawn in Human History
1993: Toward a More Humane World in the Coming Century
1992: A Renaissance of Hope and Harmony
1991: Dawn of the Century of Humanity
1990: The Triumph of Democracy: Toward a Century of Hope
1989: Toward a New Globalism
1988: A Global Movement for Complete Disarmament (May 1988 SSD III)
1988: Cultural Understanding and Disarmament: The Building Blocks of World Peace
1987: Spreading the Brilliance of Peace Toward the Century of the People
1986: Toward a Global Movement for a Lasting Peace
1985: New Waves of Peace Toward the 21st Century
1984: Building a United Movement for a World without War
1983: New Proposal for Peace and Disarmament
1982: Proposal for Disarmament and Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (June 1982 SSD II)
1979: Proposal for the Strengthening of UN Functions (February 1979)
1978: Ten Point Proposal for Nuclear Disarmament (May 1978) – on the occasion of the UN General Assembly Special Session on Disarmament (SSD I)
1973: For the Establishment of a “United Nations of Education” (October 1973)
1970: In the Support of the Proposed United nations University (May 1970)
1967: Proposal for Sin-Japanese Peace and Friendship