Overview and its Contribution

With his Buddhist, Pacifist and Humanistic Philosophy, SGI President Ikeda ceaselessly sends out his philosophy of coexistence to the world. He called for the immediate ceasefire of the Vietnamese War at the 1966 Soka Gakkai Youth Division meeting, and he also made his historic proposal for the normalization of Sino-Japanese relations in 1968.

On January 26, 1983, the 8th anniversary of the SGI Day, President Ikeda published his first Commemorative Proposal on Seikyo Shimbun, the official newspaper of Soka Gakkai. From this year onward, President Ikeda publishes a Commemorative Proposal every year on January 26 to promote coexistence of humankinds.

Both President Ikeda’s goals and his actions toward actualizing those goals are highly praised by global intellectuals. For example, the Under-Secretary General of the United Nations Anwarul Karim Chowdhury made the following remarks for President Ikeda’s “UN Proposal” published in 2006.

We received your UN Proposal last August. I found the contents very inspiring and very noteworthy for people related to the United Nations. The reform in the United Nations is receiving an international attention, and I think your Proposal should be widely debated and analyzed in various meetings of different levels.(is the official E ng version available?)