Hong Kong Soka Kindergarten

Soka Kindergarten was established by SGI President Ikeda founded on the SGI principles of Peace, Culture and Education. Hong Kong Soka Kindergarten was the first Soka Kindergarten established outside Japan. Hong Kong Soka Kindergarten (HKSK), inaugurated in September 1994, is located at 4 Moray Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The motto of the school is “strength, integrity, and liveliness” and the goal is to foster strong bodies and good minds.

Hong Kong Soka Kindergarten

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The five educational targets are:

1. To foster children’s pure heart and healthy body.
2. To foster children’s independent personality and strong willpower.
3. To foster children’s gregariousness and care for the others.
4. To focus on children’s individuality, to develop lofty sentiments.
5. To foster children’s hope for the future, to expand their vision to the world.

The above demonstrate how our kindergarten, based on its three mottos, strives to develop the body and mind of capable people. The vision is to cultivate great players for the world stage through humanistic education.

During the school closure period due to SARS epidemic outbreak in 2003, the staff of HKSK prepared video and audio teaching materials and mailed them to the homes of the students. This enabled the students to continue with their studies during the closure of the school.

After years of great efforts, HKSK has been recognized by the society. The Education and Manpower Bureau, Hong Kong SAR government, has inspected the kindergarten in 2006 and 2008. Their reports are summarized as follows.

2008 report:
In addition to the thorough inspection in 2006, a team of three kindergarten inspectors from the Education and Manpower Bureau (EMB) has visited HKSK again on the 8th, 9th and 11th of January 20078. After careful observation and detailed analysis, the EMB has once again issued the “highly recommendation” rating to HKSK. The EMB praised the academic performance and the effectiveness of learning and teaching in HKSK. The bureau also approves HKSK to continue its participation in the education voucher scheme in 2012-2013.

Quality Review Summary Reports (Pre-primary Institutions) (pdf)

2006 report:
A team of three kindergarten quality assurance inspectors from the EMB has spent 4 days in HKSK, in February and March 2006. They conducted questionnaire with the teaching and non-teaching staff, and collected comments from 60 randomly selected parents. They also inspected course documents and information, conducted classroom observation, and interviewed HKSK principal, teachers, students and parents. The bureau issues excellent rating to HKSK in the areas of management and organization; learning and teaching; and support of children and organization culture.

Quality Review Summary Reports (Pre-primary Institutions) (pdf)

Details on HKSK can be found in this website:

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